Terence Blacker and Louis de Bernieres performing their hilarious double act in a candlelit Abbey Hall
 Terence rocks the joint with a fabulous solo performance. March '18
 Charmaine Copper plays harpsichord for a magical evening with Ian Kelly introducing the story of Casanova, the ballet, performed by Northern Ballet.
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 The White Company held their retail managers' UK conference here. A 2 day event with full catering, fashion show and dance party.
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 Our annual Xmas Fair attracts visitors from near and far for a feast of vintage clothing, floristry, decorations, presents and good food and coffee.
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 Christmas parties at Abbey Hall are always magical.
 Summer celebrations enjoy the unique setting and create special memories.
 100 people were captivated by Harpsichord and Sopranist for a romantic evening of Handel's Journey Through the Enlightenment.
 Cool and calm space for relaxation.
 Local reggae band Inner Heart played for Gary's birthday dance party.
 Local blues Band The Hedonists play for Patricia's birthday bash.
 Paul McClure helps celebrate Ben’s birthday bash…  …and it goes with a bang!
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  Wild Space  choreographer Robert Binet created the site-specific ballet Terra Incognita in July 2016. Over 3 days, featuring the best virtuoso ballet dancers from around the globe, Robert entranced the audience with original and sensational performances - moving around the Hall from upper gallery to ground floor and out into the water meadows at sunset.
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 Daytime workshop with Floral Artist Brigitte Girling to explore the beauty and potential of natural wedding decorations.
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